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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don't Forget About Your Community....

While in the midst of planning activities for the family, I came across a huge variety of FREE (one of my favorite words ever!) family activities that take place just around the corner (literally). Out local community center puts on many events that are great for the entire family. I subscribed to their weekly updates and bookmarked the website. I should have known better but I completely forgot about the community centers! It is a fantastic resource for economical family fun days. We are planning on attending the "Concerts in the Park" next week and probably the "Movies in the Park" the following week (of course I will write a post about it). Oh, and did I mention that those two events have FREE admission. 

  So if you are searching for a variety of activities to do that will save you money, check out your local community center. They also have many classes that you can sign up for that are pretty reasonable. I believe that some centers will offer a discount for local community members. The classes that are offered range from swimming to cooking to dancing to play camps. How awesome! There are also many FREE events at the local library for infants, toddlers, and older kids. They host family reading nights, storytelling afternoons, and more. This is something I personally love (because of the teacher in me). So I can't wait to check those out as well.

   I also noticed that the center offers various trips the whole family can enjoy at affordable prices. For example, one trip was to a major league baseball game and another was to a popular beach destination. That's a good way to save money and gas.

   So now I know for future reference as well as for future summers to come: I will not forget about my community center resources. Come to think of it, I'll be sure to check out the events offered throughout the year as well. Why not, right? Till next time... be blessed!


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