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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stay Organized

As a busy, working mommy, I find it not only essential but necessary to keep my family and household organized. Having organization skills helps things to run smoothly and more effectively. It is also a wonderful habit to teach my kids (thankfully they love "clean up time").
I wanted to share one of my favorite organizational tools that has been very effective for me. Hopefully I can provide some helpful tips for other busy moms.
Our playroom is one of the most used areas of our house. With that being so, I have organized it to be safe, clean, and fun place for the kids. Playtime is a very special time for us to spend time as a family. I cleaned our the closet area and placed some multi color bins on a shelf (which was given to us by grandma and grandpa). These bins are used to organize the toys that the kids play with. The color coding really helps! Above the bins on a higher shelf, I have storage boxes (from the dollar store) to store magnetic alphabet letters, numbers, Flashcards, and educational DVD's. This way we can keep track of everything at all times.

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