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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Kick Off Backyard Celebration!

 Ok.. so it is a mini tradition for our family to have a summer kick off backyard celebration to welcome summertime, family trips, tank tops, flip flops, and most of all summertime memories. The celebration is very simple and low key. It is just for our family and sometimes grandma and grandpa attend and that's about it.
  For food we have a barbeque of course! Hot dogs, chicken, and hot links are the family favorites. Side dishes include potato salad and baked beans. I also like to bake cookies (the kids like to help) for the dessert to keep it simple. The meal wouldn't be complete without the famous strawberry lemonade with fresh fruit! So tasty and refreshing... perfect to start the summer.
  The boys love to play in their kiddie pool with their toys while we hang out on the shaded patio with the radio blasting (not loud enough to disturb the neighbors of course). After the boys play for a while we like to try to make a simple summer craft. I usually get my craft ideas from an awesome website called Amazing Moms.
 We usually end the celebration with some ice cream in our cute ice cream party bowls that I was able to pick up from our local Party City for half off. 
 All in all the day is fun and stress free for everyone (which is important to us moms). I always try to remember to take pictures at all of our events so I can make scrapbooks and albums to show the boys when they get older. Creating life lasting memories is so important to me no matter how busy we get. Time sure flies and we can't get these moments back.
  So... if you want to try out a mini summer kick of your own I hope this helps. There is really no way you can go wrong. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Spending time with family is the focus and this is a great summer family activity that doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

 Mini Summer Celebration Helpful Tips:
 !. Make sure you have the sunscreen ready for everyone especially the kids. There are really great sunscreen products that even stay on when the kids are in the pool. They can be found at your local grocery stores.
 2. Make sure to also have your camera ready. As you can see I am big on creating memories and having a camera by my side helps to ensure that I capture these events.
3. If you want to display some decorations, Party City has great sales on summer party decor right before the summer begins. If you plan ahead of time you can save money on some really cute theme party ware for your celebration.

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