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Monday, November 19, 2012

Toddlers and Technology...

 Is it just me or does it seem like young children today understand and use technology better than many adults? For some children it seems like they are experts, but how can this be when they are only 4! This concept always seems to fascinate me even though I am quite aware that we live in a "technology rich" environment. Many technology devices are very appealing to young children and this appeal captivates the desire to learn how and why something works. Not to mention the fabulous graphics, sounds, and functions. My 3 year old twins love our tablet, ipad, and smartphones just like I loved my etch-o-sketch and cabbage patch dolls (that's right.. I said it).
  From my "mommy perspective" I always think about pros and cons in relation to many things. I feel that when it comes to toddlers and technology, a balance is key. Yes, kids these days do need to be quite familiar with various aspects of technology. Yes, there are many great educational apps and games where young children can also learn cause and effect concepts along with many others. However, it is essential for young children to participate in more physically active activities to learn healthy habits. Language and social development is also significant as to which talking and interacting with others is best.
  Having a balance when it comes to toddlers and technology is, in my opinion, a sensible approach.

  Until next time, Be Blessed....


  1. Kids these days are really so good with technology maybe because of their exposure and their interest :)

    By the way would you like us to follow each other?

  2. yes you are so right. I would love for us to follow one another!

  3. Hi Denesha,

    This is my first time commenting and visiting...and I totally agree with you. My daughter knows how to work the remote to my TV better than I can (just like we could when we were younger lol) but the key is balance. Thankfully, my MiniMe has the balance of plain old board games, coloring books, and baby dolls along with her Tag reader and LeapFrog computers.