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Monday, June 25, 2012

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas....

Well, well, well... Summer is finally here and we are so very excited. Summer, for us, is a time when we get to do so many enjoyable activities as a family. However, it takes some creativity to make sure that my 3 year old twins have a blast and not a melt down. It amazes me how much time I have to put into planning even the simplest activities. My husband and I search the web, bounce ideas around, and even make lists that display the pros and cons. It can be a job in itself.

  I'm not sure if it's just me but I find it difficult at times to find activities for us to participate in that are not only family friendly (or should I say toddler friendly) but also inexpensive and entertaining. So now, after such planning, I have planned some fun adventures for my family and would like to share our experiences in hopes of helping other busy moms and dads formulate ideas to entertain their little ones without always breaking the bank!

 In my blogs to follow I will discuss these activities whether they are very simple or more extreme. I am still planning more activities so the process will be ongoing. Some of our summer activities include: regional parks, drive in movies, mini theme parks, the zoo, bowling, simple outside water activities, and of course our summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to Disneyland, and much, much more!


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